Owner and Founder of RAW Training Facility

I've always had a passion and drive to help young athletes fulfill their dreams. As a young athlete and All-star in all sports, I never had a place that I could train offseason and guide me to the right path. I established RAW Training Facility to help kids stay active and keep their focus away from the negative influence of the streets. I want to be able to give my sons and all young athletes the opportunity to be the best they can be! ​ ​

What is RAW Training?

RAW Training is a strength, speed, power and agility facility that provides young athletes the opportunity to develop fundamental skills and techniques in all sports and skill levels. Our goal is to promote the values of teamwork, in a safe and structured environment, while pursuing discipline, respect, and self-confidence to all our young athlete members.

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Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at RAW Training Facility

My name is Yolmeris and I am hard working mother of 5 beautiful kids. Over the years of struggling with weight loss, I decided that it was time I change my life! Working out has always been a passion of mine, but I lacked finding the time for myself.  ​ ​

My Passion and Focus

I began my fitness journey 1 1/2 years ago with the sole intent to lose weight and to be healthier version of myself. I fell in love with the process of setting goals, putting in the work and surpassing even my own expectations. Throughout my journey I have learned how to effectively train in the gym, and diet properly to fuel my body based on my goals. I built muscle, developed physical and mental toughness and became confident in my own body. The gym has taught me the value of hard work, dedication and believing in myself.   My goal is to bring energy and passion to every client whom I work with. I love helping people to improve their strength, mobility, and reach their fitness goals. I love using various bodyweight-training disciplines to create a fun, and challenging workout. There is no “one size fits all” approach. I truly believe that with your hard work and my motivation I can help you be a stronger, fitter, and better version of yourself. 

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