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Nowadays the competitive world of sports in children have increased pressure to participate at a high level that is making parents condition and train their child from an early age.

Is very important to get proper and safe training to prevent injury and promise the proper mechanics their growing body needs. To develop a training program based on your child's skill and abilities is essential.

The National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) recommends that your child participates in 60 minutes per day of physical activity that raises the heart rate and causes heavier breathing. Children need to engage in activities that will increase their performance according to their age.

Ages 8 to 11 is the range for The Little Soldier class program. It teaches them basic footwork, speed, agility and drills that are designed to work legs and core muscles.

They are many benefits for young athletes to acquired while building a strong foundation including lifelong physical activity skills, developing teamwork and leadership, having fun and improving self-esteem.

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